Use our guidance and resources at every step of your budget planning process

Get to grips with your school's income and different approaches to allocating your budget. Plus, find templates to help you confidently plan and present your budget to governors.


Know your income

Get up to speed on how your school's income is calculated.

Analyse your benchmarking data

Learn more about how to make the most of the DfE's financial benchmarking service.

Report on your budget

Show governors that you're managing resources and finances effectively.

The Key Governance: share resources with your governors

If you're a Whole School member of The Key, or have Leaders+ membership with access to The Key Leaders and The Key Governance, share our resources below with your clerk and chair:

Budget approval process

Approving the budget: questions to ask

Governor training, including finance learning pathway

Consolidate your spend with Whole School membership

The budget planning process is a good opportunity to review your suppliers to check they’re providing the right support for your team.

The Key’s Whole School membership is the most cost-effective way to cover your school’s leadership, governance, safeguarding and CPD needs.

Streamline your suppliers by upgrading to Whole School today.