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  • After-school clubs: risk assessments See examples of risk assessments for after-school clubs from schools, plus templates and examples from local authorities.
  • Breakfast clubs: risk assessments Are there examples of risk assessments for breakfast clubs? We point to risk assessments from a primary school and the Welsh Government. You will also find guidance on assessing the risks related to breakfast clubs, and a link to general guidance on conducting risk assessments.
  • School events: template risk assessment Use and adapt our risk assessment template to address potential hazards ahead of events like school discos. It includes possible hazards and control measures as examples to help you decide what to include.
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  • Access to the school site: risk assessments Is there a risk assessment covering access to the school? We link to template risk assessments for pedestrian and vehicle access, and the site perimeter.
  • Classroom risk assessment: template and examples Download our classroom risk assessment template, and see examples of risk assessments to help you complete your own.
  • COSHH: risk assessment template and guidance You need to have risk assessments for the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH). Use our template to help you, plus see the rules on what your assessments need to cover and get tips on how to carry one out.
  • Dogs in school: guidance and risk assessments Read up on the rules around dogs on site, including therapy dogs, and use our template risk assessment to make sure that both pupils and the animal stay safe and happy.
  • Fire risk assessment: guidance and templates You'll likely need to update your fire risk assessment in light of coronavirus. Find out when you need to do this, and see templates of fire risk assessments.
  • Kitchens: risk assessments Are there any examples of risk assessments for school kitchens? We link to an example of a risk assessment from the Health and Safety Executive, as well as a school's risk assessment for kitchen fires. There is also guidance on writing your own kitchen risk assessment.
  • Playgrounds and breaktimes: risk assessments Carry out a playground risk assessment to manage risk and keep your school community safe. See examples from schools and get guidance on assessing hazards.
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  • Risk assessment templates Use these generic risk assessment templates to help you create your own. We include an example from the HSE, a local authority and a university.
  • Statutory risk assessments: checklist and guidance Stay compliant and help keep your pupils, staff and visitors safe with our checklist of risk assessments you need to have in your school. Plus, find advice on when to do a risk assessment.
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  • Risk registers: guidance, templates and examples UpdatedAcademies must have a risk register, but it's good practice for maintained schools to have one too. Download a template to save time, or use our expert tips to create your own. You'll also find examples from schools, and guidance on how to review yours.
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  • Caretakers' responsibilities: risk assessments Are there risk assessments covering the duties of caretakers and premises staff? We link to a risk assessment covering the general responsibilities of caretakers and premises staff, and other risk assessments for specific caretaking duties. You will also find health and safety guidance from an LA.
  • Coronavirus: risk assessment template for individual staff Use our template to help you make further considerations and adjust your measures for individual staff members who are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill from coronavirus.
  • Home visits: risk assessments Find examples of risk assessments from a school and local authorities to help you with writing your own assessment. Also, read guidance on how to reduce the risk of violence towards staff when out on visits.
  • Pregnant staff: risk assessments Be clear on your requirements around risk assessments for new and expectant mothers in your school, and see example templates from LAs. Know what to consider when taking pregnant staff on school trips.
  • Staff with medical conditions: guidance on assessing risks Are there risk assessments for staff with medical conditions? In this article, we look at assessing risks and supporting employees with health conditions in the workplace, relaying advice from ASCL and one of our associate education experts. We also point to guidance from the HSE and the NHS.
  • Stress: risk assessments Are there any risk assessments for stress among staff? We link to examples of risk assessments on work-related stress. We also point to further articles on staff wellbeing.
  • Work experience placements in schools: example risk assessments and guidance Find examples of risk assessments for work experience students from a school and a local authority. Also, get guidance on the things you need to consider as a placement provider.
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