Risk assessments

  • First aid in schools: risk assessments
    Read a summary of the guidance on what you should consider when assessing first aid needs, and see how different schools are carrying out their risk assessments in practice.
  • Prevent risk assessment
    As part of the Prevent duty, you need to assess the risk of pupils being drawn into terrorism. Use the DfE's template and our advice to help you do this.
  • Pupils using mobility aids: template risk assessments
    Use and adapt our risk assessment templates to address potential hazards for pupils in wheelchairs or who use crutches. Be clear on the hazards you need to consider and see example risk assessments.
  • Risk assessment: generic template and guidance
    Find the resources you need to start carrying out a risk assessment, including a generic template and guidance on statutory requirements. Plus, use our flowchart to help you decide if you need a risk assessment for specific activities.
  • Statutory risk assessments: checklist and guidance
    Stay compliant and keep your pupils, staff and visitors safe with our checklist of the risk assessments you need to have in your school. Plus, see advice on when to do a risk assessment.
  • Risk management strategies for MATs
    Creating a risk management strategy can help you manage potential future challenges in your trust. Read this article to find out how to write your strategy, including sections on financial risk, as well as examples of strategies you can use when making your own document.
    For Trust Leaders
  • Risk register: template, guidance and examples
    Academies must have a risk register, but it's good practice for maintained schools to have one too. Download a template to save time, or use our expert tips to create your own. You'll also find examples from schools, and guidance on how to review yours.
  • Conducting home visits safely
    Know what is best practice when planning a home visit, so you can make sure staff are carrying out home visits safely. Plus, see examples of risk assessments.
  • Pregnant staff: risk assessments
    Be clear on your requirements around risk assessments for new and expectant mothers in your school, and see an example template from a local authority. Know what to consider when taking pregnant staff on school trips.
  • Stress: risk assessments
    Find examples of risk assessments to help manage stress in your school. See further resources from the Health and Safety Executive to support you when writing your own, and a step-by-step guide from a union to help you carry it out.
  • School trips: risk assessments
    Understand when you do and don't need to carry out a trip risk assessment, get help with what you need to include and see template examples.