Last reviewed on 17 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 10381

Download a checklist of administrative tasks that schools may carry out on an annual, termly, daily and ongoing basis. Adapt it to adjust the frequency of the tasks, add your own tasks, and input a deadline, owner and status for each.

Download our checklist of general, finance and staffing tasks

The checklist sets out how frequently you may want to carry out clerical and administrative tasks, and is based on our experts' recommendations.

Tailor it to your school's specific needs and processes. Bear in mind that it's not exhaustive; the kinds of administrative tasks carried out in schools will vary, as will the person responsible for them and how often they are carried out. 

Adapt the checklist to:

  • Alter the frequency of the tasks
  • Change what's included
  • Add your own tasks
  • Input a deadline for the task, who the owner is, and its status