Termly tasks for heads of department/subject: checklist

Download our checklist to help you keep on top of your termly tasks. It covers tasks associated with preparing for exams, managing staff, and monitoring your subject. You will also find advice from a middle leader on how he monitors his department.

Last reviewed on 25 August 2022
School types: All · School phases: Secondary
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  1. Downloadable list of termly tasks
  2. Ideas for monitoring your department: case study
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Downloadable list of termly tasks

Develop a schedule for managing and monitoring your department/subject with our list of termly and ongoing tasks.

This checklist should be treated as a guide only. The list of tasks performed by a department head will differ from one school or department to another.

Depending on the systems and structures in place at your school, some of the tasks outlined in the list may be undertaken by other members of staff, such as subject leaders, or they may be done centrally.

This checklist was designed with help from our associate education expert, Jonathan Block.

Ideas for monitoring your department: case study

He recommends that you create the department development plan each September, and then monitor