How to embed sustainability into your curriculum: case study

Corbridge Middle School is on a journey to embed sustainability throughout its curriculum and promotes a focus on the environment across its school. See how the leaders there did it and find resources to learn how you can make this happen too.

Last reviewed on 11 May 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Every little helps
  2. Choose someone to lead on the process
  3. Next, audit your curriculum
  4. Involve pupils in the process
  5. Extend your sustainability curriculum beyond lessons
  6. Get recognition and funding for work you're already doing
  7. Resources to help teach sustainability

We spoke to Adele Brown, head of Corbridge Middle School, and Meryl Batchelder, head of science, about the work they’re doing to embed sustainability across their curriculum. 

Both Adele and Meryl feel passionate about sustainability. Meryl began introducing changes to the curriculum in 2016, and has made small changes as and when she can. Adele joined the school during this process and saw first-hand the huge benefits of the measures, so added sustainability to the school development plan (SDP). Read on for tips and approaches you could use at your school.

Every little helps

Give sustainability a go and try things out - it doesn’t matter if along the way you decide to change your approach. 

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