Last reviewed on 2 August 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 43101

It's vital your staff can recognise and respond quickly and effectively to incidents of sexism and sexual harassment between pupils. Use our self-assessment tool as a starting point to gauge staff confidence, training needs and next steps in this area.

Sexism and sexual harassment happens in schools

Sexism, sexual harassment and other harmful sexual behaviours (HSB) are sadly commonplace in schools, according to findings from Ofsted’s recent report into sexual abuse in schools.

You have a legal duty to safeguard children, so it’s important for all schools to have an “it’s happening here” mindset when it comes to sexual harassment and HSBs, even if you're not receiving reports from pupils. This can feel daunting if you’ve not thought this way before.

Get your staff to complete a self-assessment

Remember, a self-assessment focuses on the opinions and feelings of your staff - it's not a test of their knowledge