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  • Conduct
    • Allegations against staff: investigation reports Are there templates of investigation reports on allegations against staff? We link to an investigation report template from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), and to a template used by a school. We also relay guidance on investigating allegations against staff.
    • Dealing with a staff member's negativity Is there guidance on dealing with a staff member's negativity? We set out recommendations on how to respond from the unions Voice and ASCL, Acas and one of our associate education experts. We also look at when to implement formal capability or disciplinary procedures.
    • Dealing with staff who do not follow school procedures How can we deal with staff who fail to follow school policy? We relay advice on how to handle this situation from 2 unions and a consultant headteacher. You will find guidance on issuing a management instruction, as well as information about staff codes of conduct.
    • Difficult conversations with staff members: advice Is there advice on handling difficult conversations with school staff? We set out advice on holding difficult meetings, from the headteacher of a teaching school, an Acas guide and a training event run by the Institute of Education. You will also find training videos and a KeyDoc for meeting notes.
    • Staff codes of conduct: guidance and FAQs Must we have a staff code of conduct? We outline advice on requirements to have a code of conduct, how to introduce and embed it and how often to review it. We also look at whether Ofsted inspectors may look at them and whether staff should sign them.
    • Staff drinking on residential trips Have your say and see if other schools let staff drink on residential trips and what rules they put in place.
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    • Deputising for an absent headteacher Who can deputise for an absent headteacher? We look at the professional duty of deputy headteachers to deputise for the headteacher. We also relay advice from the DfE and ASCL on who should deputise where there's no deputy headteacher available.
    • 'Rarely cover': rules and FAQs What are the rules about 'rarely cover'? We explain the rules and answer common questions on asking teachers to provide cover in maintained schools and academies, including what is meant by 'rarely' covering and 'unforeseen' absence. We also relay guidance from unions and the National College.
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    • Advice for a new deputy headteacher If you're starting out as a deputy headteacher, understand your responsibilities and how to prepare to deputise. Be clear on the benefits of mentoring schemes and effective stakeholder relationships.
    • Checklist for new headteachers Download our checklist to find out what to do before starting your role as a new headteacher, and get advice on the essential documents you should read.
    • Consulting staff: guidance Find out how you should consult staff about proposed changes, and use our model consultation letters to invite staff to express their views on issues such as staff restructures and changes to holiday and pay arrangements.
    • Handover checklist for school business managers Handing over to a new school business manager? Use our downloadable handover checklist to help them get settled in the role. It includes tasks and information related to finance, premises management and HR.
    • How to reorganise your staff structure Follow our step-by-step guide to make sure you stay compliant when restructuring. It includes guidance on sharing staff across schools, the consultation process and making changes to an employment contract.
    • New headteachers: questions to ask your SLT Ask your SLT these questions in the early days of headship so you can learn more about how your leadership team works, the strengths and weaknesses of your staff and the school's context.
    • Restructuring support staff: developing a proposal Is there guidance on restructuring the support staff team? We relay advice from one of our associate education experts on how to restructure school support staff cost-effectively. We also look at an example of how a support staff restructure was carried out and link to templates for business cases.
    • Salary safeguarding Teachers may be entitled to safeguarded pay if their role changes as a result of a restructure or the closure of the school. Understand how to calculate a safeguarded sum and the required duration of safeguarding.
    • Succession planning in schools Address succession planning in your school with this article. Learn how to identify future leadership needs, develop potential leaders and survey staff to understand their skills and aspirations.
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    • Administrative staff structures: secondary schools Are there examples of administrative staff structures in secondary schools? We look at examples of administrative staffing structures from secondary schools of different sizes. You will also find links to further articles from The Key, which look at reorganising a school's staffing structure.
    • Administrative support in primary schools How should I structure administrative support in a primary school? We relay advice from a NASBM associate practitioner on what to consider when structuring administrative support in a primary school. We also link to examples of administrative staffing arrangements from primary schools.
    • Co-headship: how to make it work in your school Do you want to improve your work-life balance? Could co-headship be the answer? Find out what you need to do and who to involve to make this a reality.
    • Conducting a school staffing review Is there advice on conducting a school staffing review? This article has a KeyDoc that can be used to show how much schools spend on staff. We also link to guidance from LAs on reviewing staff structures, and look at the implications of a staffing review, including benchmarking and restructuring.
    • Leadership structures in 'outstanding' schools How you structure your leadership team is an important decision. To help you with this, have a look at how some ‘outstanding’ schools have structured their leadership teams, and read advice on how you can organise your staffing structure.
    • Leadership structures in primary schools How do primary schools structure their leadership teams? We relay advice from three of our associate education experts on different leadership structures. We also refer to examples of leadership structures from schools and link to National College case studies on this topic.
    • Leadership structures in small primary schools Get advice on how leadership in small primary schools might work in practice and find examples of leadership structures from other small primary schools.
    • Organising a cost-effective staffing structure How can we structure our staff in a cost-effective way? We relay advice from two of our associate education experts on how school staffing structures can be financially efficient. We look at the structure of the SLT, the middle leadership tier and the allocation of TLR payments.
    • Organising a cost-effective support staff structure How can we organise our support staff structure in a cost-efficient way? We relay advice on this question from four of our associate education experts. We also include a case study from a school and a downloadable KeyDoc for calculating support staff salary costs.
    • Primary school staffing structures: examples Are there examples of primary school staffing structures? In this article, you will find examples of staffing structures in one-form, one-and-a-half-form, two-form, three-form and four-form entry primary schools.
    • Staffing structures: small secondary schools Are there examples of staff structures in small secondary schools? We relay examples of staffing structures from secondary schools, all with under 500 pupils on roll. We also link to an article on organising a cost-effective staffing structure.
    • Staffing structures: special schools Read expert advice on reviewing your staffing structure, and see examples of structures from primary, secondary and all-through special schools.
    • The SENCO as a strategic leader: guidance How can a SENCO become a strategic leader? We relay advice from one of our education experts on how SENCOs can develop their role to become an effective leader of SEN provision. You will also find learning outcomes for the National Award for SEN Co-ordination that relate to leadership.
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