Handover checklist for school business managers

Download our handover checklist to help your new SBM settle into the role. It includes tasks and information related to finance, premises management and HR.

Last reviewed on 6 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Download the checklist
  2. Support your incoming SBM
  3. Tasks for the outgoing SBM

Download the checklist

Adapt and add to this checklist to suit your school's context and the specific remit of the role at your school. 

We worked with Amy Gibbs, 1 of our associate education expert, to create this document.

Support your incoming SBM

Provide an induction period 

Make sure that your new school business manager (SBM) gets to meet everyone they will be working with, and knows who to ask if they have any questions or problems. 

Your designated safeguarding lead (DSL) must provide safeguarding training.

See our article for more support on induction periods.

Sign your new SBM up to The Key

This is included in your existing school account. To get them started, point them towards our checklists of key tasks.

Involve them in the handover process as much as you can. Your outgoing SBM will be best placed