How to support your SBM

As a line manager or senior leader, read expert advice on understanding your school business manager (SBM)'s role. Get to grips with how you can support training and a review of school processes to improve their workload and wellbeing.

Last reviewed on 31 October 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Make sure you really understand your SBM’s role
  2. Support training and CPD opportunities
  3. Be ready to provide wellbeing support
  4. Review your processes to consider workload and wellbeing

We wrote this article with support from our associate education expert, Jo Marchant.

Make sure you really understand your SBM’s role

Familiarise yourself with the different areas that your school business manager (SBM) is responsible for.

Discuss with them the reality of their job scope (as opposed to what it says on the job description).

The role of SBM can vary hugely depending on the setting, school size and the structure of your support staff. Even if you were clear on what the SBM was responsible for at a previous school, it may be very different at your current one.

Use the resources below to help get your head around the broad points of