School business manager: performance objectives

See suggested objectives for a school business manager (SBM), with success criteria and monitoring arrangements.

Last reviewed on 3 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 6488
  1. Example performance objectives
  2. Using the ISBL standards to set objectives

Example performance objectives

One of our associate education experts, David Roche, suggested the following example performance objectives for school business managers (SBMs).

Objective: increase knowledge of the education sector

Through discussion with their line manager and members of the senior leadership team (SLT), the SBM will identify key gaps in their knowledge of the current education sector/policy, and develop and implement an action plan to gain effective understanding of particular areas.

Success criteria

  • Appropriate research into gaps, minuted or noted
  • Action plan presented by deadline
  • Relevant continuing professional development (CPD) done
  • New self-evaluation report presented by deadline

Monitoring arrangements and evidence

  • Interim review meetings with line manager
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Notes on research into the relevant areas
  • Notes from CPD
  • Progress reports and self-evaluation

The SBM will devise a system or processes to ensure that administration and other support staff have an understanding of: (a) current education issues likely to affect the school; (b) key