Teacher workload audit tool

Use our teacher workload audit tool to spot workload issues and cut down on time wasted on ineffective or unproductive tasks.

Last reviewed on 30 November 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 11718
  1. Download our teacher workload audit tool
  2. When to use the audit
  3. How to encourage teachers to fill it out
  4. Benchmark your teachers' workload

Download our teacher workload audit tool

Use it to:

  • Evaluate your teachers' workload across a faculty, year or school
  • Identify areas where teachers can become more efficient

Print the tool and give it to teachers, or circulate it to be completed digitally. 

Teachers can use it to record:

  • The type of tasks they carried out (using task categories)
  • When they completed each task
  • How long each task took
  • Total hours spent on each type of task

They can also fill in a short questionnaire about their views on the types of tasks they perform.

Our associate expert David Roche, an experienced former headteacher, helped us create this tool. 

When to use the audit

Ask your teachers to use the tool at certain times in the year when workload is a particular concern, for example at the start of term.

Carry out the audit over a period of