Last reviewed on 16 October 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find examples of performance objectives that reflect changes to how Ofsted will inspect your curriculum, along with suggested success criteria and monitoring arrangements.

We wrote these examples with the help of David Roche, our associate education expert.

These are all based on changes to how Ofsted would inspect your curriculum under their new framework. Read more about how Ofsted inspects your curriculum.

Curriculum intent

If you're already satisfied the lead's curriculum area has a strong intent and there's an action plan in place, move on to the implementation and impact objective below.


The lead will audit the curriculum intent of the area they lead, develop an action plan to ensure their area has a clear intent, and ensure staff implement any necessary changes from this plan.

For help with this, read our article on how to identify curriculum intent and see our audit tools for primary schools and for a range of secondary subject areas.

Success criteria