Caretaker/site manager: performance objectives

Use these sample performance objectives to help you write your own for a caretaker or site manager in your school. Get ideas for success criteria, monitoring arrangements and evidence to use to evaluate objectives.

Last reviewed on 20 January 2022
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  1. Strategy and development
  2. Maintenance of the premises
  3. Leading and managing staff
  4. Budgeting and ordering 

Strategy and development


To improve the school facilities in line with the strategic site development plan.

Success criteria

  • Staff member makes a significant contribution to the development of the premises plan
  • Health and safety considerations are identified and risk assessments are completed in relation to works in the development plan
  • Premises development plan is achieved on schedule and within budget 

Monitoring arrangements and evidence

  • Feedback from line manager and/or other staff members 
  • Self-evaluation
  • Development of premises is completed (or parts of project are completed, for longer-term developments)

Maintenance of the premises


To maintain and improve the learning environment effectively.

Success criteria

Monitoring arrangements and