Fire drills: guidance

Find out how to maintain fire safety and run fire drills during coronavirus and beyond. See examples of fire drill and evacuation policies from schools.

Last reviewed on 13 October 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Fire safety and drills during coronavirus
  2. How to approach fire drills
  3. Carry out a fire risk assessment
  4. Brief your team on basic fire safety 
  5. Example from a school

Fire safety and drills during coronavirus

Fire safety regulations are still the same as before coronavirus, so keep carrying out regular fire drills like you did before the pandemic (see the section below to find out how often you should hold fire drills). 

Try to maintain social distancing during drills

Where possible, maintain social distancing and keep pupils and staff in their bubbles during fire drills and evacuation procedures. If this isn't possible, remind staff and pupils to re-establish their bubbles and social distancing as soon as possible – for example, when gathering outside at the assembly point.

You might need to update your fire procedures to reflect this - for example, the German School London has amended its fire procedures, stating that staff and pupils may temporarily relax social distancing during fire evacuation. 

You must stay compliant with current fire legislation if you make any changes to how