Curriculum and assessment (SEN)

  • Assessing pupils working between the engagement model and the primary curriculum
    Understand the requirements for assessing pupils working between the engagement model and National Curriculum levels. Also find advice for assessing these pupils between end-of-Key-Stage assessments.
  • Assessment approaches in special schools
    Get to grips with requirements and best practice for assessment in special schools. Learn from an ‘outstanding’ provider’s approach to baselining, assessing and analysing pupil progress.
  • Curriculum planning in all-age special schools
    See how 3 special schools plan curriculum opportunities based on their pupils' needs. Get expert advice on medium-term planning and use our CPD resources to help staff secure the best outcomes for pupils.
  • Engagement model of SEN assessment
    Learn what's covered in the engagement model for pupils working below the standard of the National Curriculum assessments, and how to assess under it. Download our template form to record your observations during assessment.
  • Special schools: curriculum requirements
    Learn about the curriculum requirements for different types of special schools. Find out whether special schools must follow age-related expectations, and if there is a set amount of time you should allocate to curriculum subjects.
  • Work scrutinies for pupils with SEND: template
    Use our example questions to guide your thinking during a work scrutiny for pupils with SEND. Find out how two special schools triangulated evidence to get a picture of pupils' progress.