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  • Flexi-schooling: guidance Can 'flexi-schooling' arrangements be put in place? We look at whether children can be educated both at home and at school, and what schools should consider before agreeing to requests. You'll also find advice on responsibility for the achievement of flexi-schooled pupils and recording attendance.
  • Improving attendance: audit and tracking sheets Download our audit and tracking tools to help you identify issues in your school, so you can put targeted strategies in place to improve attendance.
  • Improving attendance: plans and case studies (primary) Are there ideas for improving attendance in primary schools? We relay a range of guidance on cost-effective strategies for improving attendance and look at what other primary schools have done to reduce absence rates.
  • Improving attendance: strategies and factsheet (secondary) UpdatedFind the tools you need to tackle attendance among persistently absent pupils or groups, even in a coronavirus context. Use our factsheet to remind parents of their responsibilities and help you embed a whole-school culture of high attendance.