Extended services and clubs

  • Breakfast clubs: guidance on food and funding
    Understand the rights and expectations around providing school breakfast clubs. Get guidance on providing food, charging for provision and sources of funding.
  • Charging for before and after-school clubs
    Understand the rules on charging for before and after-school clubs, so you can be sure your approach is in line with the law and DfE guidance.
  • Out-of-school clubs: getting started
    The government wants to make sure parents/carers of primary age pupils can access term-time wraparound childcare. Find out what's expected of your school and how to assess demand, and get to grips with how to set up wraparound provision.
  • Out-of-school clubs: Ofsted registration and inspection
    Check whether your out-of-school provision needs to be registered separately, and who is responsible for it. You'll also find out how extended services such as after-school and holiday clubs are taken into account during Ofsted inspections.