Pupil wellbeing

  • How to talk to pupils about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
    Share this guidance with your staff to give them confidence when talking to pupils of all ages about the war between Russia and Ukraine. Find out how to avoid racist and bullying incidents related to the events, and know how to support pupils with higher levels of anxiety.
  • Keeping the cost down this holiday season
    See ideas on how to keep celebrations inclusive and sustainable for pupils, families and staff who might be struggling financially at this time of year. Use our template letter to reassure parents that you're doing everything you can to reduce the cost of celebrations in school.
  • Pupils with SEND: supporting mental health
    Learn about whole-school strategies and personalised interventions to support the mental health of pupils with SEND. Find resources from charities and get guidance on writing your mental health policy.
  • Supporting pupils during the Israel-Hamas war
    Feel confident that you and your staff have the tools to support pupils during this difficult time. Get advice on how to handle conversations about the conflict in an age-appropriate way, and how to tackle racist and bullying incidents.
  • Supporting refugee pupils and their families
    Read how you can create an environment in your school where children who are refugees feel welcomed and comfortable. Find out what you need to do when you have refugee pupils arriving soon, and resources to help you support their transition.
  • Supporting trans pupils: a toolkit
    Use this toolkit to create an environment where any trans pupil will feel safe and valued. Find an action plan for managing a pupil’s transition, questions to ask a pupil who tells you they are trans, and guidance on considerations including toilets, changing rooms and uniform.