How Ofsted inspects 'leadership and management'

Understand which parts of school leadership and management will be judged under the Ofsted inspection framework. See what evidence you can provide and read a summary of the grade descriptors.

Last reviewed on 1 August 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 38268
  1. What inspectors are looking for
  2. What you need to prepare
  3. How inspectors will gather evidence
  4. Possible evidence of 'outstanding' leadership and management
  5. Grade descriptors

What inspectors are looking for

Set high expectations of all pupils (including those who are harder to reach), ensuring: These are embodied in leaders' and staff's day-to-day interactions with pupils The way the school uses pupil premium funding is founded on good evidence Focus attention on the education the school provides Align continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers and staff with the curriculum in a way which develops teachers' knowledge over time Ensure coherence and consistency across the school so pupils benefit from effective teaching and consistent expectations, wherever they are in the school Engage thoughtfully and positively with parents and their community in a way that supports pupils' education Draw thoughtful boundaries with the community to resist inappropriate attempts to influence what is taught and the day-to-day life of the school Take staff workload and wellbeing into account Develop and strengthen the quality of the workforce  Understand their respective roles and perform these in a way that