School performance data

Highlights from school evaluation and improvement

Analyse School Performance (ASP)

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  • Analysing pupil performance data
    Analysing your pupils' performance is a key part of understanding attainment and improving teaching and learning. Get to grips with how to go about it, including what to focus on and how to analyse data from ASP and IDSR.
  • Prior attainment: definition and summary
    Prior attainment is used to work out pupils’ progress scores. Be clear on the process and which pupils are categorised as high, middle or low attainers, so you're clear when analysing your data.

National expectations of performance

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  • Attainment and progress: know the difference
    When it comes to measuring pupil performance, it can be easy to confuse attainment and progress. Be clear about the difference so you can effectively analyse your school’s performance data.
  • Progress measures: pupils with SEN
    All pupils, including those with special educational needs (SEN), are included in whole-school progress measures. See how these are calculated, where to find the data and what you can do to monitor pupils working below the standard of the National Curriculum.

National performance data: primary

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Performance tables and measures: primary

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Performance tables and measures: secondary

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  • Alternative provision: demonstrating pupil progress
    As progress 8 for pupil referral units (PRUs) and alternative provision (AP) academies isn't included in performance tables, read advice on how to demonstrate that your pupils are making good progress.
  • Calculating progress 8 scores
    Understand how progress 8 is calculated for maintained schools and academies. Get to grips with confidence intervals, and see how the calculations differ for pupils with missing or incomplete data.
  • Progress 8 in special schools
    Progress 8 applies to special schools, to allow comparison of scores against the mainstream average and other special schools. Understand how progress 8 is calculated for special schools and pupils with SEN, and how this data is used.

Reporting performance data

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Using data for school improvement

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