Managing school staff

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  • Allegations against staff: investigation reports
    Download our template report to record all the required details when investigating a safeguarding allegation against a staff member. Get guidance on working with your local authority designated officer (LADO) and how to store your records once the investigation has finished.
  • Guide to difficult conversations with staff
    Prepare yourself for challenging conversations with staff by following our tips on how to give feedback, develop questioning skills and practice active listening, so you can approach your meetings with confidence.
  • Advice for a new deputy headteacher
    If you're starting out as a deputy headteacher, understand your responsibilities and get to know your school community.
  • Consulting staff: guidance
    Find out how you should consult staff about proposed changes, and use our model consultation letters to invite staff to express their views on issues such as staff restructures and changes to holiday and pay arrangements.
  • Handover checklist for school business managers
    Download our handover checklist to help your new SBM settle into the role. It includes tasks and information related to finance, premises management and HR.
  • How to create a cost-effective staffing structure
    Make sure your staffing structure is providing value for money. Take a look at our tips and strategies for finding what cost-saving structure will work best for your school.
  • Job sharing: how to make it work
    Whether you're thinking about setting up a shared-working arrangement or trying to get the most out of a current job share, read our top tips about how to make job sharing work in your school.
  • Leadership structures in 'outstanding' schools
    Find guidance from a school leader on how you can organise your staffing structure, and have a look at how some ‘outstanding’ schools have structured their leadership teams.
  • 10 ways to support staff wellbeing and work-life balance
    Find out how other schools are reducing workload and improving work-life balance for their staff. Use their ideas to retain great people, save on recruitment and make your school a happier place.
  • Alcohol at staff parties
    It’s up to you to decide whether staff can drink alcohol at social events such as Christmas parties. Take a look at some of the things to consider, and see how other schools approach this issue.
  • Developing peer-to-peer mentoring
    Learn how to use peer mentoring effectively and what peer-to-peer sessions might look like, to create a supportive professional culture in your school.