Admin staff: performance management

Read advice on performance management for your school's admin staff, including how to use professional standards and set objectives.

Last reviewed on 17 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Use our performance management documents
  2. Develop policies for performance management
  3. How to set performance objectives
  4. Use professional standards to appraise staff
  5. Managing underperformance

Use our performance management documents

Review form templates

Use these forms for support staff performance management. One covers annual reviews against performance objectives, and the other is for mid-year reviews.

Observation form

Use this form to keep notes when you’re observing administrative staff

Develop policies for performance management

You should develop guidelines for the performance management of all roles within school. This should include setting objectives, and making time during the year to sit down with staff and look at their progress towards those objectives.

Regular check-ins to discuss progress and celebrate successes can help keep staff motivated and more likely to engage with the performance management process.

How to