Midday supervisors: performance management

Read advice on performance management for your school's midday supervisors, including how to collect evidence for appraisals, and links to professional standards. Plus, download our template observation form to help you evaluate staff in the playground or lunch area.

Last reviewed on 17 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Collect evidence throughout the year to assess performance
  2. Look at professional standards and job descriptions
  3. Download our template observation form
  4. Adapt our example perfomance objectives 

Collect evidence throughout the year to assess performance

Develop measurable outcomes that you can record success against throughout the year. You can use these as evidence in the individual's performance review. For example, you could:

  • Have a list of key tasks that need to be completed at the end of each session (e.g. the hall being tidy, tables away, and dishes stacked and ready to be washed) and keep a log of any time the tasks weren't completed
  • Keep a record of complaints and compliments 

It can be difficult to set specific individual targets as a lot of work done as a midday supervisor is collective. But, you could make different members of staff responsible for different areas of the canteen or playground. This makes them more accountable, and makes it easier to monitor their work and identify areas of weakness.

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