School financial management

Accounts and tax

7 articles
  • Cash flow forecasts: guidance for academies
    Learn how to manage cash flow as a school business manager (SBM). See what to include in your monthly forecasts to help monitor and report income and expenditure. Download a template from the ISBL and get tips for filling out cash flow templates.
  • Charging for school premises: lettings
    Generate income for your school by letting your school premises. Learn how to set your costs and where to turn for advice on VAT.
  • Monthly financial management for academies
    Get to grips with what you need to prepare and do when it comes to monthly budget monitoring reports for academy trusts.

Charges and voluntary contributions

4 articles
  • Charging for educational visits
    Find out which school trips you can charge for and how much you should charge. Download our handy template to help you calculate your costs. Plus, find out what to do with any money that's left over.
  • Charging for residential school trips
    Understand what you can and can't charge for with respect to residential trips. Read guidance on when parents may be exempt from paying for elements that are normally chargeable.
  • Charging for school activities
    Find out what activities and equipment you can and can't charge parents for and how to request payment.

Fundraising and grants

5 articles
  • Case study: getting the most out of PTA fundraising efforts
    Parent and carer associations are a great way to build a strong sense of community and to help your school get the extra financial support it needs. See how one PTA raised over £20,000 in a term and share their ideas with your own PTA.
  • Fundraising ideas for small schools
    See expert advice and practical ways of fundraising for small or rural schools, to help you combat any challenges in generating income. Find out how one small, rural school raised £50,000 for a new classroom, and how you can too.
  • Funds and freebies: monthly highlights
    Find a selection of the grants available to schools across a range of areas, and details of freebies you can access. Also learn about cost-of-living support available for your school and community.

Managing the school budget

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7 articles
  • Academy reviews of value for money
    Academies must include a review of value for money in their annual accounts. Read about the purpose and structure of the review, and see examples from other academy trusts.
  • Achieving value for money: guidance and resources
    Read our advice on getting value for money when paying for goods and services. Find useful links to resources to help you manage your finances effectively.
  • Contracts register: template
    Use our template contracts register to keep a record of all of your school's contracts and service level agreements in one place.