Staff policies

  • Continuing professional development (CPD) policies
    See examples of continuing professional development (CPD) policies from primary, secondary and special schools. Get expert advice on how to write your policy, including whether it should include personal development provision.
  • Dignity at work: model policy
    Use our model policy to help you deal with incidents of workplace harassment, bullying and victimisation confidently and consistently, so you can offer your staff the support they need.
  • Flexible working policy: model and examples
    Download our model policy for flexible working and adapt it to your school or trust's context. It includes a template form that your staff can use to make flexible working requests.
  • Menopause policy: model, examples and guidance
    Use our model policy to set out your school's commitment to supporting staff impacted by the menopause, including the reasonable adjustments you may need to make for them. See examples of other school policies, and advice on how to reduce stigma around the menopause in your school.
  • Safer recruitment policy: model
    Use and adapt our model safer recruitment procedures (which you'll find in appendix 2 of our model child protection policy) to help save you time and stay compliant.
  • Social media policy: model and examples Updated
    Adapt our social media policy template to set out the rules for your school's official social media use, and make sure staff, pupils, parents and carers understand your expectations on how to interact appropriately online. See examples of policies from other schools.
  • Staff code of conduct: model and examples
    Download and adapt our model staff code of conduct, developed with NAHT and approved by a law firm. See examples of codes of conduct from primary, secondary and special schools, and across academy trusts.
  • Staff dress codes: guidance and examples
    Read advice on whether you need a staff dress code and what it should include. Use examples of staff dress codes from primary, secondary and special schools to help you create your own.
  • Staff email use: policies
    Help staff to manage their inbox effectively with an email policy. Here, you'll find examples from primary and secondary schools and guidance on things to consider when crafting your own.
  • Staff supervision policies
    See examples from schools to help you write your supervision policy for staff with safeguarding responsibilities.
  • Staff wellbeing policy: model and examples
    Use our model policy to set out your school's or trust's commitment to staff wellbeing. Let your staff know what they should do to help promote wellbeing, and how you'll support them.
  • Teachers' pay policy: model and examples
    Download and adapt our model pay policy to suit your school's context, or use our checklist to make sure your policy complies with the STPCD. See examples of teachers' pay policies from a range of schools.
  • Volunteer policy: model and examples
    Adapt our model volunteer policy, which includes a volunteer code of conduct and application form, to suit your school. See examples of volunteer policies from other schools.
  • Working off-site: model policy
    Download and adapt our model policy, approved by lawyers and the NAHT, to set out your school's approach to working from home. Let your staff know what you expect and how you will support them.