Absence, attendance and punctuality: template letters to parents/carers

Use our template letters to help you address attendance issues such as unauthorised absence and poor punctuality. See examples of letters from primary and secondary schools, and get guidance on building a trusting relationship with parents/carers.

Last reviewed on 3 July 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Download our template letters
  2. Build a trusting relationship with parents/carers
  3. Primary examples
  4. Secondary examples

Download our template letters

Use these 10 letters to help you communicate with parents about absence, attendance and punctuality.

The letters cover:

  • Concerns about absence, unauthorised absence or punctuality
  • Invitations to come in for a meeting to discuss attendance
  • Formal notices regarding unauthorised absence
  • Accepting or declining a request for term-time holiday
  • Accepting a request for absence for religious observance

Build a trusting relationship with parents/carers

Meet with parents/carers before you send a warning letter

This is the best way to form a constructive relationship, and is more likely to be successful than simply sending a letter. 

Talk to them to find out what is making it difficult for the pupil to attend, and work together to create a plan to for reintegration. 

If this approach doesn't work, then a letter would be appropriate.

Personalise the letter with added