Last reviewed on 3 July 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use our template to create a new headteacher's letter to send to your parents. Read advice on what the letter should cover, and see an example of a letter sent by a new head in another school.

Template letter

Download our sample letter from a new headteacher to parents. It features example text applicable to all phases, which you can adapt. 

What you should include  

Parents will be keen to find out about your personal style, approach and experience. They will also want to understand what you will  do for their children and the school.

Your communications with parents may be carefully scrutinised, and it's important that the tone is perceived to be genuine and in your own voice. 

If the school has been successful, parents will want to know that much will remain the same. If the school has been struggling, parents will want to feel confident that things will be changing for the better.

Reassure parents that the school is in capable hands Set the tone for the relationship between the school and parents Demonstrate