Headteacher leaving letters: examples

Telling parents that you're leaving your school is an important message to get right. Use the advice from our expert and examples from schools in this article to help inform your letter to parents.

Last reviewed on 22 July 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Guidance on writing the letter 
  2. Examples

Guidance on writing the letter 

You should inform parents by sending a letter yourself. If your chair of governors also wants to send one, make sure they don't have any overlap or discrepancies. 

The letters should focus on: 

  • The positives of your time at the school, including any achievements. If you're leaving under unpleasant circumstances, you should remain diplomatic and still keep a positive tone
  • What you're doing next, e.g. moving to a new school, retiring etc 


Letters from headteachers leaving to take up a new position

In his letter to parents announcing his decision to leave, the headteacher of Cottenham Village College in Cambridgeshire explains that he:

  • Is leaving to lead a multi-academy trust
  • Remains committed to the school 

Access the letter from the school website where you'll also find the chair of governors' letter. 

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