Pupils with SEND: lesson planning audit

Use our audit tool to identify where teachers are confident differentiating their lesson plans for pupils with SEND, and where they might need more support. Find further resources to help you monitor SEND provision.

Last reviewed on 23 November 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 30261
  1. Audit tool: identify strengths and areas for improvement
  2. 3 ways to boost your confidence monitoring SEND provision
  3. Train staff to secure the best outcomes for pupils 

Audit tool: identify strengths and areas for improvement

Download and use our tool to give you an insight into how well teachers consider pupils with SEND in their lesson plans. 

You can either use the same template for a group of teachers (for example in a year group, subject or department) or you can use it to dig a little deeper into individual teachers' plans. 

Gather evidence for this during your learning walks (download our template for observing SEND provision in section 4 of this article) and during your general lesson observations

You can then compare the results to identify key priorities, which can help when planning training. 

Use our example questions to guide your thinking during a work scrutiny  Download our audit tool for SEND provision  Find out how to select and use evidence to help you monitor teaching