Supporting all teachers who teach pupils with SEN

Help the teachers in your school become 'teachers of special educational needs (SEN)'. Read about quality first teaching, differentiation, training for staff, and the graduated approach.

Last reviewed on 11 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 12128
  1. Focus on ‘quality first teaching’ and differentiation
  2. Offer training to all staff
  3. Use the ‘graduated approach’

Focus on ‘quality first teaching’ and differentiation

Quality first teaching and differentiation are key to supporting the progress of pupils with SEN.

To differentiate, teachers need to be aware of pupils' individual needs and make appropriate adjustments, rather than teaching the same material to the whole class in the same way.

They might differentiate by:

  • Content: adapting what pupils are expected to learn or how they gain access to knowledge
  • Time: allocating more time for some pupils to complete tasks
  • Task: using different tasks to achieve the same goal
  • Resources: ensuring that pupils have access to appropriate resources that will make work accessible to them
  • Technology: for example, allowing some pupils to use ICT
  • Feedback: setting individualised goals and targets
  • Outcome: making sure that expectations are realistic

For teachers to be 'teachers of SEN', they need to have the skills and resources needed for differentiating work, making adjustments and putting effective strategies in place.

Read more about differentiation and share our audit tool with your teachers.