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  • Performance objectives for a head or deputy head of subject Are there any performance objectives for a head or deputy head of subject? We suggest some performance objectives, along with success criteria and monitoring arrangements, that may be suitable. They cover areas such as pupil progress, interventions and differentiation.
  • Performance objectives for a phase leader Get expert advice on setting performance objectives for your phase leaders, and see example objectives for all phase leaders, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teachers, and teachers new to phase leadership.
  • Performance objectives for a SENCO UpdatedUse our examples to help you to create performance objectives that are suitable for your SENCO and your school context.
  • Performance objectives for curriculum/subject leads Find examples of performance objectives that reflect changes to how Ofsted will inspect your curriculum, along with suggested success criteria and monitoring arrangements.
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  • Performance objectives: finance and HR administrative staff What objectives can I set for an administrator who works on HR and finance? This article outlines objectives suggested by one of our associate education experts. It also points to other suggested objectives, and to more articles from The Key on setting objectives.
  • Performance objectives for admin staff See suggested performance objectives for admin staff, including receptionists, office staff, and reprographics staff.
  • Performance objectives for a premises officer Are there any examples of objectives for a premises officer? We set out performance objectives suggested by two of our associate education experts, as well as advice from NASBM on setting objectives.
  • Performance objectives for midday supervisors Are there examples of performance objectives for midday supervisors? This article relays advice and suggestions for possible objectives from 2 of our associate education experts. It also links to examples of objectives for midday supervisors from a local authority and a school partnership.
  • Performance objectives for support staff Use our checklist of prompts to ensure that you set SMART objectives for your support staff, and get inspiration from examples of performance objectives.
  • Performance objectives for teaching assistants Read our sample performance objectives for teaching assistants and tailor them to the roles, requirements and priorities in your school.
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  • Performance objectives for a teacher on the UPR Use our example performance objectives to help you write your own for a teacher on the upper pay range (UPR). Download a quick guide summarising the differences between objectives for teachers on the main pay range (MPR) and the UPR.
  • Performance objectives for EYFS teachers What performance objectives could be set for EYFS teachers? We include advice on setting objectives for EYFS teachers from our associate education experts. They have also provided examples of performance objectives, with suggested success criteria for meeting them.
  • Performance objectives for KS1 and KS2 teachers Use our example performance objectives to help you create your own for Key Stage (KS) 1 and KS2 teachers, including teachers working across the Key Stages.
  • Pupil progress objectives for teachers: case studies and examples How do schools link teachers' performance objectives to pupil progress? In this article, primary and secondary school leaders explain how their schools set performance objectives for teachers based on targets for pupil progress. We also include a sample objective of this kind.
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