Get easy access to our job descriptions, interview questions and tasks for the main roles you're recruiting for. 

Create a bespoke interview pack

Interviewing for a role that's more tailored to your school? Create a custom interview pack based on your specific job description and person specification with our interactive tool.

Choose from our bank of questions and tasks tailored by role type, skills, and areas of responsibility. Then download a pack that includes everything you need to run a successful interview, including guidance on what to look for in a good answer and task materials.

Alternatively, take a look at our job descriptions and download our curated lists of interview questions for some key roles:

Headteacher or deputy head

Use these resources to help you write or review your job descriptions for your school leaders.

Your governing board or academy trust will lead on the process for recruiting a new headteacher for your school, but they'll need your support to do this well.

You can also compare the roles of a deputy and an assistant headteacher.

To help pupils get involved in the recruitment process, take a look at our headteacher interview questions for student councils.

SBM and school office staff

Download and adapt our model job descriptions for your school business manager (SBM) and other members of your administrative team.

Central trust staff

Take a look at our model job descriptions for key roles in your trust leadership, and adapt them to suit your needs.

Plus, read about the differences between an accounting officer and a chief financial officer.

Designated safeguarding lead

Get to grips with the role of the DSL, and adapt our resources to suit the role in your school. 

These can help you whether you're appointing a DSL or a deputy DSL.


Check that your SENCO candidates have the qualifications they need. 

Download our curated list of interview questions – it comes with a record sheet to help you evaluate the quality of answers, so you can assess candidates fairly.

Classroom teacher

Adapt our job description for a primary class teacher.

Plus, see our curated list of interview questions for a classroom teacher, and use our interview lesson observation form to help you assess teachers during the interview process.

Teaching assistant

These resources cover teaching assistants (TAs), higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs) and learning support assistants (LSAs). 

If you're hiring a TA who will work specifically with 1 or more children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), use our dedicated job description to help you.