Last reviewed on 13 July 2018
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Help parents keep their children safe online with these resources. Download parent factsheets on Fortnite and YouTube, see examples of letters to parents, and read our tips on working with parents with EAL.

YouTube and Fortnite factsheets

Download and share these parent factsheets on timely online safety issues from Safeguarding Training Centre, to help parents keep their children safe: 

Child safety on Fortnite

Fortnite is an online shooter video game that's proved a huge hit with children, but is believed to carry some risks. Our factsheet explains what Fortnite is, what the risks are, and the practical steps parents can take to mitigate them.

Child safety on YouTube

This factsheet includes information on the potential safeguarding risks associated with children watching YouTube videos, and instructions on how to use YouTube (including YouTube Kids) safety controls.

Please note you need membership of Safeguarding Training Centre to access these factsheets.

Kent Safeguarding Children Board has created a leaflet for parents about ways to keep children safe online. (Scroll down to the 'Online safety supporting documents' section and click on the document 'KSCB and Trading Standards Leaflet