Last reviewed on 24 October 2017
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 11361

Is there any guidance on auditing an inclusion team? One of our associate education experts suggests how to undertake an audit of a school's inclusion provision. This article also links to information from Ofsted on the inspection of inclusion.

Auditing school provision

We asked one of our associate education experts, Anita Devi, for advice on undertaking an audit of a school inclusion team. Before the audit, schools should:

  • Invest time in defining inclusion and what it looks like within the learning environment
  • Consider the school improvement plan, to determine the best focus for the audit

In order to make an objective judgement of inclusion provision, Anita said that the school will need to assess:

  • The learning needs of all pupils at the school
  • Staff responsibilities relating to inclusion
  • The role of leadership and management in ensuring inclusive practice
  • The budget for inclusion provision
  • The extent to which a culture of inclusion is embedded across the school

Anita recommended focusing on the professional skills and competencies of staff. This type of audit should focus on assessing the existing skills and knowledge of the inclusion team comparative to the specific learning needs of