Guidance and requirements

Be clear on the legal requirements and your responsibilities when it comes to attendance, the register and study leave. Read our summary of the working together to improve school attendance guidance and get to grips with the advice in it.

Policies and procedures

Download and adapt our attendance policy.

Attendance data

Use our templates to compare your school's attendance data with others, and learn how the data is collected. Get governors up to speed on your data and how you're managing any barriers to attendance. 

Absence requests and inclusion

Find out what to consider when making decisions about term-time absences and sixth-form absence. Make sure you know how to handle absence requestions for religious events, and understand the legislation around attendance expectations for Traveller pupils.

Flexible approaches to attendance

Get to grips with flexi-school arrangements and reduced, or part-time, timetables.

Improving attendance

Use our audit and top tips to help you identify and manage issues in your school that affect attendance. Get to the bottom of common barriers to attendance, and use our attendance reintegration plans to work with the pupil and their family to create an effective response. 

Engaging with parents and carers

Use our template letters to parents and carers to help you address attendance issues, and learn how to tackle unauthorised absence with fines or parenting contracts.