New headteachers: questions to ask your SLT

Ask your SLT these questions in the early days of headship so you can learn more about how your leadership team works, the strengths and weaknesses of your staff and the school's context.

Last reviewed on 2 October 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 9751
  1. Questions to ask about...
  2. SLT ways of working 
  3. Strengths and weaknesses of your staff 
  4. Your school's priorities 
  5. Pupil performance and behaviour
  6. Other schools and the community
  7. Your governing board

Our associate education expert Trevor Bailey helped us with these questions. 

Questions to ask about...

SLT ways of working 

It's really important that, from early on, you build strong and effective relationships with the individuals on your leadership team.  

  • What are your main priorities in your role?
  • What's going well in your area of responsibility?
  • What issues are you facing in your role?
  • How do you think the issues that you're facing in your role could be addressed?
  • Is your role, as it is currently defined, the best fit for the work that needs to be done in that area?
  • How do you work with other members of the SLT? 

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