Lesson observations and learning walks

4 articles
  • Learning walks: guidance, templates and questions
    Your one-stop-shop to plan and carry out a successful learning walk, using our suggested focus areas, checklist and templates. Get to grips with how to successfully analyse your findings and plan future actions.
  • Lesson observations: how-to guide and templates
    Get to grips with how to carry out successful lesson observations. Use our lesson observation templates (2 of which are based on Ofsted inspection criteria), our template feedback form for staff and a spreadsheet to keep track of observations throughout the school year.
  • Observing EYFS teaching: what to look for
    Know what effective teaching looks like in the EYFS and find examples of prompts to help when carrying out lesson observations.

Managing appraisal

8 articles
  • Appraisal: 360-degree feedback forms
    Download our template forms for gathering 360-degree feedback for staff performance reviews, including for a headteacher, and save yourself time if you're making your own.
  • Appraisal: stages of the cycle
    See the key phases of the performance management cycle as suggested in the DfE's model policy for teacher appraisal. Plus, get advice on how to use the Teachers' Standards to set objectives and how to monitor and review teacher performance.
  • Appraising staff on maternity, paternity and adoption leave
    Understand your legal responsibilities for performance managing teachers on maternity leave. Plus, get tips on how to schedule meetings and set appraisal targets for staff on maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave.

Professional standards

6 articles

Senior leadership appraisal

5 articles
  • CEO appraisal process
    Prepare for your appraisal by familiarising yourself with the process, and use our guidance to help you write your objectives for the next appraisal period.
    For Trust Leaders
  • Deputy headteacher appraisal
    Be prepared for your deputy headteacher's appraisal by considering objectives, professional development and national standards.
  • Headteacher appraisal: step-by-step process and templates
    Use our guidance for leaders in multi-academy trusts (MATs) to help you manage the appraisal process for headteachers in your schools. Download our templates and checklist so you can be confident you've got everything covered.
    For Trust Leaders

Support staff appraisal

6 articles

Teaching staff appraisal

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Underperformance and capability

2 articles
  • Capability action plan: template and guidance
    Be confident going into your meeting with an underperforming teacher. Read our walk-through of how the meeting will run and download our template capability action plan, so you can feel prepared as you begin this informal capability process.
  • Capability procedures: sharing information
    Read guidance and advice on requirements around sharing information about capability procedures. Find out what you have to disclose to governing bodies and future employers.