Last reviewed on 16 June 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 41749

See examples of policies, from primary and secondary schools, on accepting pupils outside the normal admissions round.

Primary schools 

Birchfield Primary School in Birmingham includes a section on in-year admissions arrangements within its regular admissions policy. 

Download the policy from the school's website.

St Vincent's Catholic Primary School in Trafford also covers arrangements for in-year admissions within its admissions policy.

Find the policy on this webpage (you'll need to scroll half-way down the page). 

At Holy Family Catholic School in Berkshire, the governing board is responsible for admissions. The school's policy for in-year admissions outlines the oversubscription criteria which prioritises children from families of practicing Catholics. 

You can access the stand-alone policy here

Secondary schools 

Parmiter’s School in Hertfordshire manages its own in-year admissions applications and has a stand-alone policy to outline the arrangements. 

Download the policy from this webpage.