Last reviewed on 17 April 2023
Statutory/mandatory for: Academies Free schools

Download our model investment policy and adapt it to suit your academy trust. Plus, see examples of policies from other multi-academy trusts (MATs).

Download our model policy

This policy is designed for academies to adapt to their context.

Academy trusts must have an investment policy in place to manage and track their financial exposure, and ensure value for money, as set out in the Academy Trust Handbook (paragraph 2.25).

Our policy is:

  • In line with relevant requirements and good practice
  • Approved by Forbes Solicitors

See investment policy examples from MATs

The Tudor Grange Academies Trust has a reserves and investment policy, which can be found under the 'policies finance' section. It outlines the trust's investment strategy, and also covers definitions and goals for:

  • Restricted reserves
  • Unrestricted reserves
  • Cash flow

The Mast Academy Trust's investment policy outlines:

  • Current funds available
  • Banking arrangements
  • Future investment policy