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Use our template policy to make sure risk management is part of your trust's business planning and decision-making processes. You can also see examples of risk management policies from trusts of different sizes.


You must manage risks to all operations and activities of your trust (not just financial risks). See paragraph 2.35 of the Academy Trust Handbook (ATH).

The DfE guidance on academy trust risk management recommends setting a risk management policy that defines your approach to risk management.

Although the risk management policy isn't statutory, you must have a risk register and business continuity plans – find templates and guidance in these articles.

Download our model policy

Our model assessment policy is designed for you to adapt to suit your trust’s context. It's been approved by Forbes Solicitors.

Examples from trusts

4-school trust

The Ascent Academies' Trust has a risk management policy (under 'trust-wide statutory policies') that includes a risk appetite matrix in appendix 4 (page 16).

10-school trust

Beckfoot Trust has a risk management policy that categorises typical risks and sets out roles and responsibilities.

The Co-operative Academies Trust has a risk management policy that sets out how it assesses risk