Last reviewed on 20 October 2023
Statutory/mandatory for: Maintained schools

Download and adapt our model pay policy to suit your school's context, or use our checklist to make sure your policy complies with the STPCD. See examples of teachers' pay policies from a range of schools.

Download our model pay policy

Adapt our model pay policy in line with your school’s context and needs. It’s been approved by Forbes Solicitors and developed with NAHT. All of our model documents take account of relevant requirements and good practice. They are easy to adapt, save you time and help you keep your school compliant.

All maintained schools in England must have a teachers' pay policy (see part 1, paragraph 2.1 of the STPCD).

The provisions of the STPCD also apply to staff in academies who had their employment transferred at the point of conversion. Academies can set their own conditions for new staff, but may choose to refer to the STPCD and may still find the model policy useful.

Please note: this model policy is aimed primarily at maintained schools and academies, but can be easily adapted to suit any school. If you wish to use the policy in a