Last reviewed on 15 September 2022
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Your school isn't required to have a physical restraint policy, but its a good idea to include information about how you use physical restraint in your behaviour policy. Read examples of physical restraint policies from schools to help you develop your own policy.

Physical restraint policies are not statutory

Your school isn't required to have a policy on physical restraint. 

However, you must have a behaviour policy and its a good practice for use of reasonable force to be included in this policy. 

This is recommended in the Department for Education's guidance on use of reasonable force (see page 6).

Our model behaviour policy includes a section on reasonable force.

Primary schools

Community school

Layton Primary School in Lancashire has a control and restraint policy which includes:

  • Definitions
  • Staff who are authorised to use physical contact 
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Action to take after an incident
  • Monitoring of incidents

Voluntary aided school

Christ the Saviour Church of England Primary School in London has a reasonable force and restraint policy.

It features:

  • Practical advice
  • Dos and don'ts when physical restraint becomes necessary
  • Actions after an incident

Saint John's College School in Cambridge has a policy on physical restraint and the